Crystal Mountain School

A School on the roof of the world

Crystal Mountain School (CMS) was established in 1994 in Dho Tarap, Dolpo (Now Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality) by the French non-profit Action Dolpo in collaboration with the government of Nepal. It was the first ever functional school in Dolpo Region (Upper Dolpa).  Children from all over Dolpo were enrolled in CMS for around a decade until more schools were established in other parts of the region in 2000s.

Currently, over 200 students are enrolled at CMS mainly from Ward 1,2 and 3 of Dolpo Buddha RM and few students from other parts of Dolpo. The school has a blend of Vision Dolpo hired private teachers and government teachers. There are many local teachers as well who leads the school in all management.

Apart from the regular government curriculum, CMS also teach the Dolpo dialect of the Tibetan language, basic Buddhist philosophy, cultural performances and arts, and computer skills.  CMS run a holistic after school program for students from grade 5 and above where students will be working on their STEM skills, Arts and Crafts, Music and Songs, Theater, Literatures, etc, apart from curriculum focused class room activities. 

Due to the extreme weather in winter, the regular school only runs for seven months from mid-April to mid-November. However, CMS has also been conducting winter classes for grades III and higher since 2009 in our passive solar buildings. Winter classes are run by local youths and alumni who volunteer for three months from mid-December to mid-March.

After grade seven, CMS students used to go to SLR, in Kathmandu for further studies. But in 2019 when CMS is upgraded to a secondary level, only grade 9 and 10 student of CMS go to SLR, in Kathmandu for educational tour and tuition class in winter but return back in Summer. 

Despite of some constraints, CMS will run start class 10 from the year 2021 for the first time
and the new group of students will appear for the 2078/79 SEE from CMS. This
was one of the long awaited dream of CMS that comes true with a great deal of effort.
This will prove a milestone in CMS’s plan to upgrade to a fully residential high
school serving students from all over Dolpo.