About us

In 2009, the senior alumni of Crystal Mountain School established Vision Dolpo with an aim to primarily ensure inclusive and quality education for the children from the region and facilitate better health care services, as well as to eradicate poverty in all its forms, ensure food security and improve nutrition, enable better access to sustainable and modern energy, promote indigenous knowledge, vernacular architecture, and to influence the equitable and sustainable management of natural resources to conserve, and to preserve and promote the local culture and values.

With support from Action Dolpo (France), Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality (the local government), community members and friends of Dolpo, Vision Dolpo is engaged in a wide variety of activities to implement the above objectives. We work in coordination with other schools and health projects of Dolpo, and also we wish to work together with other two Rural Municipalities of Dolpo.

We are registered in the Social Welfare Council Nepal.

You can learn about our projects by clicking on the following links. If you are interested in learning more about our projects or contribute in any way you can, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ongoing projects

These are the major projects that we are currently running:

Highlight projects

These are some of the highlight projects that are on the planning and implementation phase:

  • Upgrading CMS to High school with boarding facilities

  • Hospital with well equipped services

  • Pre-primary school in each villages

  • Local Curriculum Development Project
  • Library building project

  • Valley plantation/ Ice stupa

  • Waste management project

  • Maternal and child health care program

  • Natural building apprenticeship

Projects in pipeline

These are some projects that we are planning for implementation in the coming few years.

  • Amchi medical school
  • Agro-pastoralism development project

  • Vocational and technical skill development program

  • Tourism development program (home stay)

  • Natural disaster management and emergency rescue program9Solar & wind hybrid energy development project

  • Solar Mini Grid project
  • Foot bridge, roads and new tourism trail development program

  • Drinking water project

  • Child and elderly homecare, and palliative care centre

  • Ecosystem and environment conservation project